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Major firms, like Chiquita, Dole, Del Monte, and Turbana sell bananas under several different brand names. Chiquita, for example, uses its own name, as well as "Amigo" and "Consul" or others; one can assume that the house brand is usually used for the best fruit, but one cannot simply think of brand differentiation based soley on quality. In some cases it is the size of otherwise similar Cavendish fruit that determines the name.

The evolution of names is itself interesting. Dole currently uses its own name, but also sells secondary lines under the "Cabana" or "Cabanita" label. Dole's banana business has its roots in the old Vacarro Brother's Standard Fruit & Steamship Co. That firm originally marketed using "Cabana" and "Tropipac" labels, with the first name reserved for the new (in the 1960's) disease-resistent Cavendish fruit and the second for the declinning supplies of the better tasting, but disease-prone Gros Michel bananas. After Gros Michel exports ceased, the Tropipac label continued in use as a second brand. When Hawaii-based Castle & Cooke, then the owners of the famous Dole Pineapple empire, acquired Standard Fruit in the 1970's, they chose to market with the better known Dole brand, pushing the old Cabana name to the second tier, and retiring the Tropipac name. Today's Dole is an independent firm based in California, the world's largest seller of fresh fruit and produce.